factor to the speculation

For a country with obvious challenges in transferring raw substances and products to in which they are wished the most, our logistics industry remains pretty underdeveloped and extremely fragmented. Literally, everyone with a truck can name himself a logistics player on this market. Market records is spotty and opaque. Only some gamers have scale. Large logistics customers often cope with tens, if no longer hundreds, of logistics providers to diversify hazard, and growth their probabilities of most useful fee discovery. All of this makes for an inefficient working version.

All these characteristics factor to the speculation that the enterprise is ripe for consolidation, with the brought measurement that a huge, savvy participant with working expertise and technological edge can certainly declare a sizeable beachhead within the logistics industry. One foremost obstacle to this angle is that overseas players, who have the capital and the knowledge, are subject to constitutional limitations on overseas possession. If and whilst those barriers are comfy, it will be a main catalyst in jumpstarting consolidation inside the logistics industry.


Tourism is a chief boom motive force and is sincerely starting to flex its muscle. Hotels and eating places’ gross fee introduced (GVA) rose 10 percentage in 2016, in comparison with its preceding five-yr compounded boom rate. Even more revealing is that air transportation become up by way of 14 percent in 2016, or three percentage factors better than its compounded increase from 2011 to 2016.

We have three of the top six island tourist destinations within the international: Palawan, Boracay and Cebu. It comes as no wonder that tourism is experiencing strong growth because the us of a gains extra visibility at the worldwide level.

Our tourism industry will benefit exponentially if we address 3 key dimensions: infrastructure and get admission to, product and safety. The vacation spot itself and its attractions are the product, however humans should first advantage smooth get right of entry to and egress.

In an instance of tough get admission to and egress, flights to and from key provincial locations are often behind schedule due to the fact planes are stacked inside the air traffic controller queue in NAIA. The principal cause is the limited NAIA runway capacity—however this has ripple results all around the Philippines, and distant places. Aside from air traffic demanding situations, transportation to and from vacation spot is frequently disjointed.

Aside from the problem of access, the product is choppy. In up-and-coming locations, there may be insufficient inn room capacity, educated workforce to address tourism visitors is trying, and even neighborhood tourism workplaces are closed on weekends—probably when the range of travelers is at its maximum.


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